Many people ask me to design and then make a rug for them -- usually for a special occasion, a beloved animal companion, or because they've been thinking about ideas for a rug for their home and want to have it made. The process is simple: I have a discussion with you about the theme, size, colors and any other details you have. You send me photos to add details about the commission, and I make a few drawings. After a drawing is approved, I take it from there.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me about any ideas you might have. Check out the rugs on the Rug Archive page. They're grouped in categories and might give you ideas for your own rug. No two rugs are ever alike, so copies aren't possible, but similarities can be used and the result will be a one-of-a-kind piece of your own.

Colored pencil drawing of geometric hooked rug


This is a colored pencil drawing of what will become California Geometric. The project starts with a discussion of interests, colors, and events that might form the basis for a rug. Drawings are prepared and reviewed, with adjustments made as needed.

Geometric hooked rug in progress


Indicators in Sharpie are still visible on the two sides telling where the red goes and there are lots of loose “tails” still not trimmed. The black and white bias binding is already sewn on, saving quite a bit of time spent on hand sewing.

Finished geometric hooked rug with bold colors and design


The finished rug, used on the floor in a California home, measures 24” by 30”. The color in the finished rug is deeper, and the surface, especially in the background around the central shape, is much more varied than what the drawing presented.