Annie Hayes Studio


I've always believed in the power and comfort of making things with my hands. I love making hooked rugs - they give warmth, beauty and excitement to the home. I'm happy to be able to bring these good things to you.



I've been making hooked rugs for well over a dozen years. Many of my rugs are commissioned pieces of images that have special meaning for my clients. My work has been featured in The New York Times, Early American Life, Early Homes, and others. 

Annie working on a rug


My rugs are found in city apartments and country houses. The primitive quality gives them a great deal of freedom in color, imagery and intention. They are displayed on the wall, table or bed, as well as the traditional place -- the floor.  Take a look on this page that shows my rugs in my collectors’ homes.

Red bird on top of primitive tree


Every rug I make is unique. At my studio there's no production line or repetition of popular pieces. The beauty of this aspect of my handmade work is that your rug will be the only one like it in the world, worthy of preserving for future generations. 

View of work table from above


Here’s my Instagram feed. You can find me at anniehayeshookedrugs. Mostly rugs either in progress or finished, shots of my studio, and my house in the Northern Catskill Mountains.