GET IN TOUCH: If you have any questions, please send me an email using the form below. If you see a rug and want to talk about having a similar one of your own, I'm always happy to talk with you. Or, if a rug seems to be a great way to make your home more beautiful, or to celebrate a new baby, new home, wedding or birthday, get in touch with me.  I'm interested in unusual projects -- chargers to decorate the table, a chair pad for a child's antique rocker, or a stool (of yours, or I supply) with an upholstered top.

NEWSLETTER: My monthly newsletter is a great way to see my new work and current projects. It’s the best way to see new pieces the moment that they’re posted in my Shop. Use my email form to contact me directly or the newsletter signup form at the bottom to just sign up for the newsletter.

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Annie Hayes Studio

714 Federal Hill Road No. 2

Delhi, NY 13753

Phone: 607 435 3468

VISIT THE STUDIO: If you'd like to make a visit to my studio, I would love to have you! Below is a map for general reference. My area has many wonderful B&Bs, several great restaurants, a beautiful golf course, and many other attractions that would make a trip worthwhile. Send me an email using the form on this page to set a date.