Waterblue Diamonds Hooked Rug

Waterblue Diamonds Hooked Rug


Waterblue Diamonds (the central rug in the composite photo) is one of a series of runners where I work from one side to the other rather than plan out the design, even minimally. This runner is 11" by 59" and made of hand-dyed and as-is wools on a linen foundation. The left-over wools have some kind of coordination of colors that seems to just happen. The blue and white check, that hooked in beautifully, was an old blanket. I have several runners in my house -- they are really great in a hallway or next to the bed. They are also good displayed on the wall.

  • Hand hooked and hand sewn

  • Original design

  • Measurements: 11" high by 59" wide

  • Linen foundation

  • Muslin sleeve and wooden dowel for display on the wall

  • $10 Flat rate per order for shipping in US

  • Commissions welcome!

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