Tillie Hooked Rug

Tillie Hooked Rug


Tillie presents a bit of a new thing or departure for me. I seem comfortably obsessed with birds these days and have been for a long time. The color scheme of this rug is perfect for the kind of bird that almost disappears in the leaves of the tree where they perch. The small branch remains, but is curved around her with leaves or flowers outlined to stand out a bit. This is a perfect rug for the person who loves birds, as I do.

  • Hand hooked and hand sewn

  • Original design

  • Measurements: 11" high by 10" wide

  • Linen foundation 

  • Bound with bias binding made from reproduction fabric

  • Muslin sleeve and wooden dowel for display on the wall

  • $10 Flat rate per order for shipping in US

  • Commissions welcome!

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