Pennsylvania Heart Hooked Rug

Pennsylvania Heart Hooked Rug


Just back from a couple of days visiting Philadelphia, a beautiful city with wonderful museums. I was already thinking about making some Valentine rugs, and this was the first one, so I’m calling it after the state that lovely city lives in. It’s backed with blue flowered bias binding and has been fitted out so that it can be hung on the wall. It’s good too on the back of a favorite chair or anywhere you want some Valentine cheer.

  • Hand hooked and hand sewn

  • Original design

  • Measurements: 8" high by 12" wide

  • Linen foundation 

  • Bound with bias binding made from reproduction fabric

  • Muslin sleeve and wooden dowel for display on the wall

  • $10 Flat rate per order for shipping in US

  • Commissions welcome!

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