Crystals Hooked Rug

Crystals Hooked Rug


Crystals (the central rug in the composite photo) is a long runner (12" high by 43" long) that is perfect for the floor in a hallway, or at the foot of the bed. I often hang mine on the wall. I call these rugs "Right to Lefts" because I just start at one end and hook to the other. I do them in order to not think or plan, but to let things happen. I find myself making new shapes and new color combinations that are very spontaneous. I can carry these discoveries back to more planned out rugs, making them more exciting as well.

  • Hand hooked and hand sewn

  • Original design

  • Measurements: 12" high by 43" wide

  • Linen foundation

  • Bound with bias binding made from reproduction fabric

  • Muslin sleeve and wooden dowel for display on the wall

  • $10 Flat rate per order for shipping in US

  • Commissions welcome!

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